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Convenient Locations


Convenient Locations

Our locations are deliberately chosen for ease of access. We know that when you want access to your things you want to do it right now, and that when you’re moving a lot of stuff the last thing you need is for it to be difficult to pack up or offload. At Kennards one of our primary goals is to make life as simple and easy for you as possible,

which is why we know that convenient locations are an absolute must. We have carefully selected our current locations based on proximity to major arterial roads and have built convenient access driveways ­ making it easy for you to come and go quickly and easily. In addition, when we build our storage facilities we ensure that our internal unit layout and design deliberately attempts to minimise travel to your storage space. That means that when you store with Kennards you know that your route to your storage unit has been specifically planned to make sure that you have the easiest and most direct access possible.

Some of our locations also offer covered driveways (because moving­day has a way of attracting bed weather) and drive­up units, so you can drop off or pick up your belongings without having to travel between your car and your storage space. What’s more, access is always free! You can visit as often as you like without incurring access fees.

Find your nearest Kennards and start simplifying your life today: Kennards Locations 



Access Control Systems

The safety and security of your belongings is our priority. All of our facilities have various security measures such as cameras and gated access, and we understand that you want top security coupled with immediate but controlled access. In addition to our standard security eatures we’ve installed sophisticated computer controlled access systems in most of our locations. This system gives each customer a unique P.I.N which identifies and authorises entry, meaning that you don’t have to fill out any forms or requests to access, but entry is still strictly controlled and is impossible for anyone other than Kennards customers or staff. In many locations this system is also integrated with our individually alarmed storage spaces, adding yet another layer of security to your Kennards experience.


Shipping Container Access

Some of our specialised storage centres have been designed to accommodate delivery and short­term placement of shipping containers. This makes Kennards a great alternative business space for importers and exporters. You can simply have your containers delivered to the Kennards storage facility and enjoy the added benefits of tight security, 24 hour access, helpful staff and all of Kennards’ added features.

Call Kennards today and find your nearest storage facility with shipping container access.


24/7 Access

In many of our centres we have installed the technology that enables our customers to enjoy 24 hour instant access to your storage space. This means that you do not have to manipulate your time around our hours and that when you need access, you can come any time that suits you.

This is great if you need to access your storage unit in an instant or if you operate outside of normal working hours. At Kennards we’re all about flexibility and convenience and we know that you love having unlimited access at any time for absolutely no extra cost.

Please refer to the relevant storage centre's reference page for information about the availability of this feature.

Easy access at a time that suits you...