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Delivery Concierge Service


Delivery Concierge Service

Getting something delivered can be tricky if you don’t know exactly what time it is scheduled to arrive, and even if you do, you now have to plan your day around accepting a parcel. As a part of our constant mission to simplify your life, your inbound and outbound deliveries can be handled by us, so you do not have to wait around for the drivers to arrive. We will sign for your deliveries to the Centre.

We’ll then hold them for a period of 48 hours free of charge for you (after this $10 per package per day will be incurred). We’ll also handle your outbound packages ­ storing them until they are picked­up by your courier.    


Forklift and Pallet Truck

We have forklifts and pallet trucks available at our storage centres to help with the handling and management of your stock and equipment.

This makes the moving and handling of palleted goods easier, and loading vehicles more efficient.

It also means that you don’t have to worry about the logistics of large deliveries and can rest assured that Kennards have all the equipment necessary to make your move or delivery as uncomplicated as possible.


Boxes & Packaging Materials

Searching for old boxes and trying to source packing materials is time consuming and irritating and trying to do anything without the right equipment is difficult. At Kennards we provide good quality boxes, cartons and other packing materials on site to help you organise your goods for storage or distribution. We have a huge range available, including protective covers, bubble wrap, boxes of all shapes and sizes and tape, so you can do all your packing on the premises and never have to worry about running out.

Please refer to our Cartons and Packing Material Page for more information or visit the Box Shop.


Racking Packages

To ensure the most efficient use of your storage space a shelving system is a fantastic tool. We offer racking packages which can be tailored to your specific storage and space needs. This means that you can make use of your vertical space. We will also arrange the entire shelving installation into your storage space; saving you time and effort.


Hand Trucks and Trolleys

Carrying heavy boxes and awkward loads is difficult and potentially dangerous. It’s not worth putting your back out just to save yourself a trip from the car! At all our Kennards facilities we make hand trucks available at no charge to help you move large or heavy items quickly and easily. These can even be taken off site to your home or work for your convenience in the move. If you’re employing movers it also minimises the chance of dropping or damage.

We also have an abundance of custom­made trolleys for use on site, so you can pack and move any item with ease. No strains or sweat!


Cargo Vans *

The EMU is a specially designed moving van that makes moving easy. It is easy to load, easy to drive and available for hourly rental (no 4 hour minimum). Don't wrestle loading your furniture and fight the traffic in a big clumsy truck, with an EMU you get all the convenience with none of the effort.

- Easy drive automatic

- Car licence only required

- Large 10 to 12 cubic metre load capacity

- Low base with rear and side access for easy loading

- Mesh interior for multiple secure tie points

- Fully enclosed to protect your goods from the weather

- Supplied with padding blankets and tie straps

- Towbar option available for trailer towing

- Air conditioned for comfort

- Rent by the hour (no 4 hour minimum) to save money

Contact the following Kennards Locations to book the EMU now: Waterloo, Miranda, Warriewood, Marrickville.

* At select locations.

Handling, stacking and sending your goods is easy