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Storage Management Service


Storage Management Service

Kennards Storage Management provide investors a comprehensive high quality solution to manage their valuable asset.

Kennards assets exceed $1 billion in market value, and are supported and managed with sophisticated technology systems; reporting tools; proactive and dynamic marketing. In addition, the company is proud of its market leading reputation built on decades of commitment, engagement and customer service.


System Technology and Quality

Being the largest owner of storage assets in the Southern Hemisphere we have strong commitment to robust systems and superior technology.

The value of investing in systems flow to the asset owners. We strive tirelessly to raise the bar all the time.

The services include:

- Day-to-day operational supervision and coaching of teams.

- Audits, quality reviews, mystery shops and inspections.

- Customer relations management.

- Comprehensive monthly and quarterly reporting against portfolio and benchmarks.

- Property presentation and quality management.


Pricing and Revenue Management

The application of frequent and rapid price change based on robust data analysis is important to optimise self storage revenue.

We continue to invest in technology and data analysis of customer behaviour regarding pricing. Prices are adjusted in real-time on a daily basis, mindful of season, demand and local attributes.     


People and Culture

The Kennard family is proud of the company’s reputation and appreciates this has been achieved by the commitment and engagement of its people over many years.

The passion for customers is threaded throughout the business as a result.

We undertake annual Culture Surveys and internal workshops to further encourage constructive behaviour and engagement so that people will enjoy their work and appreciate that they matter.

In addition we undertake and provide the following:

- Comprehensive on boarding and induction training

- Twice yearly upskilling training

- Coaching, development and mentoring of team members

- Clear unambiguous Key Performance Indicators


Brand and Marketing

Self storage marketing is now a digital arms race. There is raid change in online platforms which require intelligent, dedicated application with strong resources. Simply creating a web site is not good enough.

Our suite of initiatives includes:

- Superior web site with commitment to an outstanding customer experience.

- Proactive paid search engine marketing

- Thoughtful and continuous upgrades to improve natural organic search rankings

- Social Media Management  

In addition the company supports its online marketing with:

- Strong, consistent identifiable buildings

- Radio advertising

- National Call centre

- Kennards Business Class, our National Business Storage solution

Kennards Self Storage is fast becoming a Famous Household name


Superior Operating Performance

The powerful market-leading Brand; operating systems and culture lay the foundation for higher occupancy and strong process.

In addition, we have the following advantages:

- Economics of scale for savings in group buying

- Key Performance Indicators to explain and reward exceptional performance.

Overview of our Storage Management Service